Becoming an Ambassador

We started WEST + WILDER because we knew people (like us) wanted a great bottle of wine that happens to come in cans. We’re wine industry veterans who wanted to create something beautiful and delicious, with values and purpose that gives back and does good. We encourage you to create meaningful experiences and spread the word that good can come out of a can. The following serves as a guideline for our ambassadors. We’re grateful for your help and we look forward to creating great experiences together.

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It’s all about you

You share our values and appreciate beautiful things. You like wine and you’re not afraid to open a can instead of a bottle. You like to share discoveries with your friends and are good at organizing people. You’re here because you are excited to have discovered WEST+WILDER and are happy to tell everyone about it! We started this program as a way to officially acknowledge the people (like you) who love this wine and are looking for ways to share that excitement. The goal is simple: to show our appreciation for your support by sharing wine, events and helping to create experiences for you and your friends to enjoy.

What you’ll get

  • You’re on the inside now: we’ll let you know about all things WEST+WILDER before they happen.

  • We’ll send you wine so that you can easily enjoy and share your WEST+WILDER experiences. 

  • We’ll share WEST+WILDER merchandise and other non-wine goodies.

  • We’ll invite you to great tastings or events in your area as our guest.

  • You’ll get kudos and appreciation for being early adopters and badass ambassadors

  • And other compelling reasons, trust us, it’ll be fun..


What we’re looking for

  • “Great people know great people” - we want you to tell your world about WEST + WILDER.

  • We’d like you to post about WEST + WILDER on IG twice per month (but post away and we’ll have monthly incentives for posting more).

  • On-brand and appropriate presentations that help support our more responsible positioning as a thoughtful, mindful and higher quality wine.

  • We’d like you to help us host meetups in your area so that your friends and other people who would love WEST + WILDER can get together.

  • We’d like you to help us create awareness of WEST + WILDER at your favorite wine shops, grocery stores or restaurants. Tell us where the wines should be in your area, help us discover the places you love.

    By participating in the WEST+WILDER Brand Ambassador program, you agree to the following terms and conditions.


Want some inspiration?

Download these easy WEST+WILDER wine based cocktails recipes
and other simple tips to casually enjoy our wines.


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