What we stand for.



We scoured the West Coast to discover and uncover the best of each state's wine regions.  

We set out to remove all constraints to producing the best wines we could. We chose non-vintage wines so they would be ready to drink as soon as they're released. No guessing.

We can several times each year so that wines are fresher and brighter for customers when they open them.

Our house style can be summed up in one word: Beautiful. We strive to produce bright, crisp, clean and refreshing wines that deliver enjoyment straight out of a can. Simply delicious.


Each 250mL can is 8.4 oz, two small glasses or one third of a bottle, the goldilocks of cans...not too big, not too small, just the right size.

We've demystified the experience by packaging 3 x 250mL cans in one pack. It's a 750mL bottle of great wine that happens to come in three cans. 

Perfect for everywhere and anywhere, these cans are great in places where glass is not: poolside, beach, golf course, spa, concerts, and parks.  

Cans preserve freshness, are light, durable and easy to ship, carry and chill.



Using Aluminum cans – one of the world's most recycled materials – is only one of the ways we're committed to sustainability.

We're dedicated to giving back and we've reinforced our commitment by partnering with 1% for the Planet.

Our 1% goes to support the preservation of wild spaces for us all to enjoy - now and tomorrow. The illustrations that adorn our cans celebrate these places and the native plants that live there.

This is us. Hi Mom.

WEST + WILDER is a project by long-time Sonoma friends Matthew Allan and Kenny Rochford.

Matt has always worked in and around marketing – and it was a dalliance with the wine business years ago that lead to this friendship. Frequently responsible for creating and launching products, Matt has worked extensively with clean tech businesses, both in startup and IPO stages. The opportunity to work with a good friend, and with wine again made Matt smile.

Kenny has always worked with wine; beginning with a fine wine shop while at university, he's worked wine production, marketing and general management roles with California wineries. Most recently, he launched the brand CIRQ and spearheaded sales and marketing for Pinot noir heroes Kosta Browne. No stranger to the world of highly allocated brands, he was drawn to a project that brought that same level of focus and quality to something more widely available and fun. When not obsessing on wine he spends his time cooking and encouraging people to eat more marmalade.

Their wine company is called John Curtis & Sons after their fathers and their sons - www.johncurtisandsons.com


When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.